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SaaS Infrastructure

Cloud for Software

Many software development teams are moving their pre-production and test environments to the cloud, and for good reason. IT organizations often lack the physical server space in the data center to accommodate test environments, which often involve complex compilation tasks that require a lot of capacity. Our Cloud for Software solution can save your business loads of money while offering you mobility and scalability capabilities.

RapidScale's Cloud for Software offers advanced computing power in the cloud.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Infrastructure

It’s simple. With Software as a Service (SaaS), the infrastructure necessary to power the cloud software is supplied for a company. Whether the business is in need of management information systems, customer relationship management or enterprise source planning, cloud software will always be there make sure the program is working accordingly and that if anything does go wrong, the business has a strong and reliable support system.

Now obviously, an important consideration when deciding to work with a product is the financial side. It’s essential to know that already as of 2015, the Software as a Service category alone has reached $27 billion in revenue. Think of it like this: always having to update, store and maintain software traditionally tends to be expensive no matter what. So by letting a Software as a Service provider take care of these costs, the costs on the business' side will reduce significantly! We will handle the purchasing, installing, housing and updating, so all you have to worry about is paying the monthly pay-as-you-go price. Then from there, the business can access the software and data through the cloud freely.

When working with cloud software, the infrastructure behind the scenes is scalable to fit the business’s needs. If the company perhaps requires more service at a certain time, it’s no problem at all. While the business gets the unlimited space it needs, their files will always be available through the cloud and will still, as said before, be maintained and updated by the provider. By 2017, the Software as a Service market will increase over 20% every year. Prices in the cloud will stay low and allow the businesses to adjust their monthly SaaS fee without difficulty.

Therefore, as long as a business has access to the Internet and a computing device, an authorized user can access their data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In terms of mobility, work can be done faster and goals can be achieved. Why not just save the hassle now and get on board with a managed cloud system?

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